Romero Pools


Romero Pools is situated in the Santa Catalina Mountains and is part of Catalina State Park. Dogs are not allowed on the trail as it’s in the Bighorn Sheep Management Area.

The trail starts with a gentle climb on sandy road out of the parking area, once it branches off the main drag it quickly becomes steep, gaining approximately 1000 feet over the course of a mile. Once up top it’s not bad – however it’s quite rocky and footing can be unsteady at times; watch those ankles.

Views are amazing, but go early in the morning so you have the shadow of the Catalinas to keep you cool on the way up; once the sun is high there’s not much in the way of shade. I left the trail head at around 7:00AM this time and the shade seemed to be following me up.

Romero Wash was running nicely – the water was cool and the pools were filled up. No swimming this time but it was very tempting nonetheless.

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