First and foremost, I’m a father of two boys – 3 and 5 years old. They’re a handful, and while there’s no lack of activity in our daily lives, I absolutely love being a dad. Together with my wife of 10 years, we live in a modest home about 15 miles north of downtown Tucson, in a town by the name of Marana (Dove Mountain area). We enjoy camping a lot – we try to venture out with our pop-up camper to get out of the desert heat every couple of months; many people wonder why we camp with small kids, but really – they’re easier outside than inside! I’d highly recommend it, our boys have been avid outdoorsmen since they’ve been about 3 months old.

Professionally, I’m a registered architect specializing in the design of telescope observatories, including support facilities and rotating enclosures. The current main projects that I’m involved with include two of the world’s three next generation extremely large telescopes – the Thirty Meter Telescope and Giant Magellan Telescope, although I continue to work on a number of smaller facilities located throughout Chile, Hawaii, Arizona, South Africa, and Australia as well. I enjoy the unique technical and practical challenges observatory facilities and telescope enclosures bring – there’s rarely a textbook challenge on these projects.

The Thirty Meter Telescope
The Giant Magellan Telescope
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