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Originally licensed when I was 12 years old, under the call sign KF6PGG, I’m back into the hobby after a long period of inactivity having been bit by the HF bug as a result of the expanded Technician privileges. Resultantly, I’ve recently upgraded to General; Next stop – Extra!

My station fits in a box, which allows me easily operate from anywhere including the corner in our house which has become the shack. The setup borrows heavily from KJ6VU’s packaging of the IC7100 with minor adjustments.


Unless noted otherwise, I’m operating from my home QTH – Marana, AZ, Grid DM42lk.

Radio Interests:

  • HF-UHF operations, particularly in digital and satellite modes
  • Portable operations
  • Emergency communication


  • Go-Box (used for both fixed and portable ops)
    • Icom IC-7100 HF-UHF Multi-Mode Transceiver
    • SDRPlay RSP1a Receiver
    • Raspberry Pi 3b+
    • LDG IT-100 auto tuner
  • Fixed Ops
    • Alinco DR-135MKII 2M FM Transceiver
    • MFJ-1984MP End-Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antenna, 40-10m
    • Cushcraft A6270-13S 6m/2m/70cm triband yagi on Channel Master rotor
    • Arrow OSJ 146/440 vertical
  • Portable Ops
    • Satellite
      • Celestron Nexstar+ telescope mount (AltAz rotator)
      • Arrow II 2m/70cm yagi
    • HF
      • Modified MFJ 2286 w/ homebrew tripod and radial adapter


  • Gpredict for satellite prediction (win32 build)
  • CubicSDR
  • Hamlib for rigctl and rotctl libraries (win32 build)
  • Log4OM logging software
  • PSTrotator
  • WSJT-X
  • JS8Call
  • fldigi

(passed Element 1 – 1/10/1998, Element 2 – 1/11/1998, officiated – 01/23/1998)

(passed Element 3 – 8/4/2018, officiated – 8/14/2018)

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