Alamo Springs Trail


Beautiful little trail nestled in the Tortolita mountains; parking is available at the Ritz-Carlton, at the gate house just mention you’re looking to do some hiking and they’ll wave you on through.

I ran the trail counterclockwise, it starts with a steep and very rocky climb out of the Wild Burro wash; watch those ankles. I ended up letting my dog off-leash in this climb as it was sparsely populated and the difference in speeds and maneuvering between the two of us meant we were both putting ourselves in harms way by staying tethered together. As much as I love using my four-legged hill-assist device, I was worried about either one of us getting hurt. The climb levels off towards the top; there were lots of wildflowers on the trail this time of year along with quail and doves.

I Passed a few marshy areas that would be decent sources of water, but nothing really running. In the 3 hours hiking I ran into one other person – loved the peace and quiet; for how close it is to civilization it’s remarkably secluded.

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