Mt. Wrightson (W7A-AE014)


Mt. Wrightson is situated in the Santa Rita Mountains in South East Arizona. An approximately 5000 Ft. gain in elevation of the the course of 5 miles – it’s a climb that doesn’t let up easily, but rewarding nonetheless with its views and awesome beauty.

We hit the trail at 7AM hoping to hit the summit at 12PM or so; in reality we hit this closer 1PM as the climb fought us a little harder than anticipated. Activated a few stations at first but we were unable to use the Arrow II yagi since I had brought the wrong adapter (go figure!); still, with rubber ducky on the HT, we managed to squeeze out the 4 contacts required for a successful activation. We headed back down from the summit around 2PM, but not without enjoying a blue-moon kept cool in a thermos. It’s said strenuous activity and beer don’t mix – but I wholeheartedly disagree; there is nothing better to reward yourself with after working yourself over for the past 5 hours.

We made it back down to the parking area around 8PM; descent took longer due to joint fatigue which made the last mile very difficult. Nothing taking your time can’t fix – good thing we had a flashlight with us because the original plan definitely was not to stay out past dark. As the motto goes; ‘Be Prepared!’ is never an understatement.

Stations activated:

10-Nov-18 20:17ZKI7LLD144FM
10-Nov-18 20:49ZN7BXX144FM
10-Nov-18 20:55ZK7HAB144FM

GPS Track:


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